Here Is A List Of Ideas For Events To Help You Get Started!

1) Host a meal - Put together a recipe you have been wanting to try, show off your culinary aptitude, or share your culture with the community! What better way to make meaningful relationships than over a delicious meal

2) 15 Toasts - Select a theme for the event (whether it is a meal, game night or just a get-together) and over the course of the event at any time, any one of the guests must stand up, give a toast and tell a story related to the theme. The last guest to give a toast must instead sing a song! 

3) Game tournaments - Use your community's facilities to your advantage and host ping pong, snooker/pool, cornhole or console/pc gaming tournaments. The possibilities are endless! 

4) Game and Trivia Nights - No explanation needed

5) Dog walks, group cycling/running, hiking, rock climbing, go-karting, etc. - A lot of these events are cheaper when done in larger groups so find your group and get out there!

6) Group painting, "Now You're Cooking With..", dance and gym classes - Again, the more people participating the cheaper the experience is for everyone! 

7) Movie night, book club socials, game watching parties - Sometimes simplicity is key for both the Host and the Guest! 

8) BBQ or Casino night by the poolside - Great events to host larger  groups of people and can take place in the day or at night

9) Bring a blind date night - When Tinder dinners just don't cut it any more

This is only the tip of the iceberg and hopefully helps to get some of your creative juices flowing. Be as creative and intimate  or simple and fun as you want (within reason), the choice is truly yours! We will continue to update this list as we find more ideas!